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VAT Advice

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VAT is a tax that has grown significantly in both rate and complexity since its introduction in 1973. Businesses need to ensure that they know the correct VAT treatment of all types of sale that they make, and to reclaim the right amount of VAT that they have incurred.

Increasingly businesses are trading across and beyond Europe, and it is essential that international sales and purchases are correctly accounted for and reported.

Some of the terminology used can be confusing: supplies made by or to a business can be standard-rated, zero-rated (which is “taxable”), exempt (which is not taxable), or subject to a reverse-charge. The VAT treatment of international supplies can be affected by whether the supply is of goods or services, the particular type of supply, whether the supplier or customer is inside or outside the EU, whether the customer is a business or consumer and whether there are specific rules for the type of supply being made.

Hawsons’ VAT experts provide detailed VAT advice to businesses to enable them to apply these rules to their circumstances and properly account for VAT.

Our services

  • Advice on whether VAT registration is compulsory or desirable
  • VAT registration
  • VAT return completion and submission
  • Application of VAT to particular purchases and sales
  • Consideration of special VAT schemes (Cash accounting, Flat-rate scheme & Annual accounting)
  • VAT on property transactions and options to tax
  • Partial exemption methods and calculation
  • De-registration

VAT planning

Many one-off transactions require expert consideration to optimise the VAT position.

There are specific rules applicable to property transactions and VAT, so it is important to fully understand the implications and alternatives when buying or selling property. VAT charged on a purchase may be able to be recovered, and the purchaser may need to opt to tax a property and understand the implications of doing so.

We provide advice to groups of companies about structuring transactions to minimise and simplify VAT, and consider whether a group registration is beneficial for financial or administrative reasons.

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