The benefits of Cloud Accounting 

Cloud accounting is the use of accounting software where your data and software is stored on the cloud rather than your hard drive. It can be accessed remotely from any device that has internet access, much like your internet banking.

As your business grows, one of the key questions you will ask yourself is: “how can I prioritise my time?” and rightly so, with not having enough hours in the day is one of the key challenges many small business owners face. This is where Cloud accounting can help your business. Here are just a few ways where our online client accounting software can help your business:

Prioritise your time – online accounting brings new working practices. Bank fees that automate the postings into the software from entries on your electronic bank statement, the emailing of pictures of receipts on to your system and the scanning of supplier invoices all reduce the time in data inputting.

IT Services – The Cloud service providers deal with much of the IT maintenance such as the backing up of your data, installing software updates and this in turn reduces the need for on premise servers.

Flexibility ­­– In today’s environment, people are mobile working outside of their office hours and away from their office locations, usually on mobiles or tablets or other devices. It is also essential that you can securely access business software and data as and when needed, wherever in the world that may be.

Moving to the Cloud couldn’t be simpler, working on the Cloud will give you the opportunity to reduce the amount of time you spend on tedious and time consuming administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best which is running and growing your business. After all, you started a business to run a business, not to be an accountant or a book-keeper. With Cloud accounting, you can do just that.

Our Cloud Accounting services

We will work with you to find out which Cloud accounting software best suits your needs.

We work with a range of the leading traditional and Cloud accounting software providers:

We will help you move to your new software and make the data transfer as automated as possible.

Next, we will provide you with training on your cloud accounting software so you know how to use it efficiently and get the benefits as quickly as possible.

Ongoing Cloud accounting services

Once you are up and running we are available to help at any time answering any questions you may have. With your permission, we can log into the software at the same time as you and even take control of your screen to help you with any questions you may have.

How secure is the Cloud?

Charles Kavazy, Director of IT Services at Hawsons says: “It depends. Of course that’s not a very helpful answer, but much depends on many factors including your attitude to risk, the nature of your data and the strength of the security including the processes carried out by the company hosting your data. Some people argue that storing your data on the Cloud can be more secure than storing it on your desktop or an on-site server. The level of physical and electronic security that Cloud service providers offer may be higher, depending on the risk involved, and the duplicated continuous backup processes of Cloud providers are probably going to be better than most businesses would implement.”

Wherever you store your data, there are always security issues, as Charles adds: “Most Cloud computing providers take great measures to ensure your data is safe, including backup power supplies, firewalls, data encryption software and regular, third-party security audits. They can also protect your data against floods and fires by having multiple servers in different locations.”

Charles summarises: “The Cloud service providers take great care to protect your data, but ultimately each business needs to consider its attitude to risk, the data being stored and the implications of a security breach. If you decide the benefits of the Cloud outweigh the risks  and you are happy to accept the risk then you need to ensure you choose your Cloud provider carefully and implement robust procedures to mitigate the risk of problems. For example, controlling access rights, regular password changes and training your staff on security risks.”

Scott Sanderson

Scott Sanderson Partner

Scott Sanderson began his career with Hawsons and trained as a Chartered Accountant, becoming a partner in 2015, specialising in the healthcare sector and small businesses. For more details and advice, please contact Scott on [email protected] or 0114 266 7141.[/author_info]

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