Beware high-risk messages emails

Numerous potentially malicious emails with a subject similar to “Fax message” are currently bombarding email inboxes. Users need to be informed to take extra care with these messages.

If you receive an email with a subject line referring to a fax message then this is probably a virus or malware, or the email contains links to a virus or malware.

Ask yourself this question

Just ask yourself this question: If someone knows your email address why would they send you an email about a fax? Surely they would just email you.

If the sender of a fax message email is known to you then the safest thing to do is to give them a call to ensure the email is actually from the person you think it is and you are not being tricked into thinking the email is from someone you know.

Advice for users

Please follow this advice for such emails:

• DO NOT open the message
• DELETE the email
• If you know the sender CALL them to check the email is genuine
• NEVER click on links in the messages
• NEVER reply to the emails

For more information please get in touch.

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