Boris’ plan for the NHS

After winning the general election last month Conservative leader Boris Johnson has confirmed that the NHS would be a top priority for the government. The Conservative manifesto stated that the NHS budget will increase by £33.9 billion by 2023-24 – the biggest increase in NHS funding levels in its history and with £6.2 billion promised this year alone to aid frontline services.


The government plan to build up to 40 new hospitals, promising a sum of £2.7 billion of funding for the construction of 6 new hospitals, while the remaining 34 hospitals will be provided with seed funding so that they can begin the construction process.  

Additional funding of up to £850 million has been promised to another 20 hospital for much needed upgrades, together with 78 hospital trusts expected to receive state of the art MRI, CT and mammography screening machines in order to detect cancer sooner and boost survival rates.

Plans to open 5 new medical schools have also being included in the objectives of government in order for the next generation of NHS staff to be trained in the UK.

Staffing resources

The government want to recruit 50,000 more nurses, to aid this they are going to offer students nurses annual maintenance grants of between £5,000 and £8,000 every year which they will not have to pay back. Each student nurse will receive at least £5,000 towards the cost of living and further funding will be provided in regions and disciplines that are struggling to recruit such as mental health. 

6,000 more doctors in general practice and 6,000 more primary care professionals are also on the governments objectives as set out in the manifesto.

The much-welcomed news of a 6.5% pay rise for over 1 million NHS staff across the UK including nurses, midwives and cleaners. Doctors too are expected to see their pay increase as part of the proposals.

Service delivery

The new funding is expected to deliver an extra 50 million general practice appointments per annum, an increase of 15 percent, which should see a reduction in waiting times and an improvement in the service offered to patients.

Scott Sanderson Medical and Healthcare Partner at Hawsons commented: “The Prime Minister has made significant and much needed promises of additional funding being provided to the National Health Service which is great to see. The challenge he and his colleagues in government now face is implementing these to provide NHS staff and the UK population with a modern and high-quality service for its users and its employees.”

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