A survey of just over 2,000 people conducted by Vida Healthcare found that there has been a significant rise in confidence in care homes when compared to 2020. The survey found that UK residents had a more positive view of care homes and 34% of respondents said their perception of care homes has changed since the start of the pandemic and is now more positive. 47% of respondents said that they consider care homes home for the elderly and not just somewhere for care to be delivered.


The general public’s knowledge of care homes has increased

67% of respondents have said that they now know more about care homes than they did previously. Furthermore, 54% of people now have or had a family member or close friend living in a care home. This could explain why more people now know more about care homes as more and more people are having experiences with care homes, helping to change the perception of the care home sector.

Despite this only 32% of respondents thought that care homes gave residents a sense of community. 40% believe that recreational activities are just as important as medication when it comes to caring for the elderly to help their mental health, particularly those living with dementia. This comes as over half of respondents said they have become worried about their mental health during lockdown because of separation. This demonstrates that the public believes that care homes need to more to create a community atmosphere in care homes to improve the resident’s experience.

Vida Healthcare managing director James Rycroft has said that whilst traditional views of care homes are changing. The care home sector still has a long way to go in terms of completely changing its perception and meeting the demands of a modern population.


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At Hawsons our dedicated team of specialist accountants and tax advisors offer a wealth of experience in the care sector including residential homes, nursing homes and other specialist care services.

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We have extensive experience of providing clients with the required support and advice from the initial acquisition and investment structures, reducing future taxation and enhancing tax relief opportunities.


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