Covid-19 risk assessment for Doncaster office

Covid-19 risk assessment

Hawsons Chartered Accountants/ Hawsons Wealth Management Ltd

Working safely during Coronavirus (Covid-19) Risk Assessment (Doncaster Office)

Key risks

Mitigation/ response

Overarching risk

·       Risk of transmission due to close proximity of staff at work.


·       Encourage all staff to work from home wherever practical and in particular those who are vulnerable;

·       Any staff who are in the office should use social distancing and good hygiene practices in line with government guidance to protect themselves and others;

·       Liaise with colleagues prior to travelling to the office to ensure there is available desk space and therefore not too many people are occupying open plan areas at the same time;

·       Leaving doors (not security doors) and windows open where safe to do so in the office to increase ventilation and minimise hand to surface contact, although we have been informed that use of the air conditioning is considered low risk;

·       Exercise good, regular hand hygiene throughout the working day, using soap and water or hand sanitizer, which will be provided for all staff in the office

·       Face masks and disposable gloves are available to use if requested (not compulsory).


Coming to work and leaving work

·       Close proximity during journey sharing;

·       Congregation at point of entry, arrivals at same time;

·       Contamination of door handles, key pads and signing in/out of building.



·       Encourage staff to use flexible working to ensure arrivals do not occur at the same time and cause build ups around entrances;

·       Use side entrance to office to avoid passing reception area;

·       Increased flexibility in that respect, particularly around the length and timing of lunch break (lunch of minimum half an hour, weekly hours should be worked);

·       Where staff do arrive/ leave at the same time social distancing must be used;

·       Walking and cycling is encouraged, avoid public transport wherever possible and do not car share;

·       Sanitiser and hand wipes provided at all entry points. These must be used when touching access points or keypads/screens.



Moving around buildings and worksites

·       Close proximity in corridors, and staircases.



·       Discourage non-essential trips around the building.  Encourage use of telephone for conversations with other colleagues in the building;

·       One person using staircase at a time.  This has been discussed and agreed with the other tenants in the building.  Signage put in place to remind staff, visitors and other building users of this;

·       One person using the corridors at a time;


Workplaces and workstations

·       Sitting in close proximity;

·       Sharing desks;

·       More than one person in an office at a time;

·       Communal use of handsets, mouse, keyboard, stationery.



·       Staff to sit at workstations that are 2m away from other occupied workstations in order that the minimum distance can be maintained from other staff;

·       Do not linger in walkways, particularly where people are sat at nearby workstations;

·       No more than 1 person per pod of 2 desks.  For some pods close to walk ways these may need to be taken out of use;

·       Liaise with colleagues to ensure capacity for social distancing to be maintained (for example sufficient available workstations)

·       Users to wipe down equipment they have used at the desk they are sat at once they leave for the day;

·       Make use of spare offices/ meeting rooms as an alternative to open plan workspaces. Where this is not your office the same rules apply regarding wiping down equipment;

·       Hand sanitisers to be available on all desks.  Anti-bacterial wipes also available throughout the office.

·       Utilise marked drop off point when dropping off papers/typing for admin department




Photocopiers/ Printers

·       Transmission due to congregation at photocopiers/ printers while waiting for output or to use the equipment

·       Contamination from communal use of equipment



·       Congregation at the photocopiers to be avoided at all times

·       Staff to wipe down equipment with antibacterial wipes after use of equipment


·       Transmission in a confined space – social distancing not observed;

·       People sitting opposite each other increasing risk of transmission.



·       Virtual meetings encouraged wherever possible;

·       Small meeting rooms limited to maximum 1 person;

·       Ensure social distancing can be maintained when using the Board room. A limit of 3 people at one time in Board room;

·       Avoid physical contact with colleagues, clients and other visitors;

·       Avoid sitting directly opposite colleagues and visitors where possible;

·       Avoid sharing stationery or other equipment during meetings;

·       Reception not to make drinks for visitors, instead bottled water to be made available for visitors.


Common areas

·       Individuals congregating in reception (staff and visitors);

·       Social distancing not possible in kitchen areas or toilets.



·       Marked area to show distance from reception for visitors;

·       A limit of 1 person at a time in the store room;

·       Only one person allowed in the kitchen at a time;

·       Place all used cutlery, plates etc in the dishwasher;

·       Do not make drinks for other people;

·       Maintain social distancing and good hygiene in the toilets;

Use of paper towels (when available) for hand drying rather than cloth towels or warm air dryers.


·       Risk of transmission from external visitors to the office.


·       Avoid physical contact, maintain social distancing and discourage meetings in the office where possible


Working/visiting a client’s premises

·       Risk of transmission at client premises.



·       Ensure client is following latest government guidance regarding working safely during Coronavirus;

·       Remind staff to exercise social distancing whilst at client premises;

·       Only one member of staff to attend on site unless social distancing can be maintained – for the avoidance of doubt no car sharing;

·       Face masks available if requested;

·       Member of staff to report to manager/partner immediately and come off site if guidance is not or cannot be followed at client premises.