Independent equity release advisors

Holistic – We identify if equity release is the best option for you

Independent – We advise on all the Equity Release Council approved lenders

Tailored – A full analysis of your personal and financial situation followed by bespoke advice

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Meet our equity release advisers

Natasha Fathers

Director of Hawsons Wealth Management Limited, Sheffield

Natasha is responsible for heading up Hawsons Wealth Management. Natasha has worked in financial services for over 20 years and qualified as an independent financial adviser in 2007 and also holds the chartered financial adviser status. Natasha holds further qualifications in long-term care planning and equity release and is accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisers.

Natasha is extremely experienced in providing equity release services to a wide range clients and prides herself on being independent. This is because it gives her full market access which will enable her to find the best possible equity release deal for you.

David Tidswell

Independent Financial Adviser, Sheffield

David has been advising and helping his clients for over thirty years. His attention to detail and ability to analyse complex situations allows him to create flexible and holistic plans that can be adapted to meet our clients changing needs. He has extensive experience in the areas of investment and retirement planning which he uses to help navigate his Hawsons Wealth Management clients through their personal financial journeys.

Why choose our Equity Release advisers?


Holistic approach

We adopt a holistic approach to identify whether equity release is the best option for you and advise you appropriately.

Independent financial advisers

We offer advice on all the market lenders approved by the Equity Release Council.

Personal service

We adopt a personal approach by analysing your financial and personal situation to provide the best advice possible.

Experienced equity release advisers

Our advisers have acted for a high number of equity release clients.

Fixed fee

We charge our clients a fixed fee for our equity release service to ensure there are no surprise bills.

Society of Later Life Advisers Accredited

Natasha Fathers, Director of Hawsons Wealth Management is accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).

SOLLA aims to meet the needs of people seeking advice about financial issues in later life by ensuring they can find an Accredited Adviser local to them.

Natasha Fathers, Director of HWM

Case Studies

The anonymous case studies below are some of the common scenarios that we have advised on.

Clients wishing to make lifetime gifts and plan for inheritance tax reduction


The client’s aim was to gift £500,000 to their five children for property purchases.

The client’s main residence was freehold and valued at £1,500,000. Both clients were retired, in good health, independently wealthy and planned to remain in their main residence for the rest of their lives.

During the initial fact-finding process it was discussed whether they could add a cash reserve of £250,000 to the loan in addition to the initial borrowing requirement of £500,000 should funds be needed in the future.



We then met with the clients at their home and we confirmed their objectives, the indicative terms available and answered all of their questions. This initial meeting is known in the industry as a fact-finding/discovery client meeting. With a detailed understanding of their requirements, we approached multiple Equity Release (Lifetime Mortgage) lenders who were considered to be able to assist for this size of loan and we obtained terms.

We looked for a loan of £750,000 split between the initial loan of £500,000 and a cash reserve of £250,000.

We discussed the options available and progressed with a Lifetime Mortgage solution with an interest rate payable of 5.15% per annum with the ability to make overpayments of up to 10% per annum if the clients so wished.



By taking out a lifetime mortgage the clients were able to release £500,000 to be gifted to their children (Potentially Exempt Transfer) to enable them to purchase additional properties. In doing so they will potentially reduce the Inheritance Tax bill by £200,000, payable on the second death should they live for at least seven years. They also released £250,000 for their own use giving them the chance to enjoy their asset base during their retirement.  The clients were most importantly able to see their children benefit from early inheritance gifts.

Client required to make contribution towards repairs on their flat


The client owned outright a leasehold flat that was on a large purpose-built complex. The management company had carried out a survey and found that substantial roofing repairs and replacement was required to maintain safety and therefore requested that all owners make a contribution towards the shortfall in costs. The client received an invoice requesting funds, made over two payments within a 12-month period.



We then met with the client at their home and carried out our initial fact-finding meeting.

We looked for a loan of £25,000 to meet the value of the invoice. Other than this the client had no reason to require additional funds.

After completing research, we discussed the options available and progressed with a Lifetime Mortgage solution with an interest rate payable of 2.9% per annum and with the ability to make overpayments of up to 10% per annum, if the client so wished.



By taking out a lifetime mortgage the client was able to pay the required repair bill, putting their mind at ease.

Recently retired couple with an outstanding Interest Only Mortgage

The clients owned a 3-bedroom semi-detached home. They had an outstanding interest-only mortgage which the term was due to expire meaning their existing mortgage lender wanted this repaid in full. They had both recently retired and started to receive pension income. The household income could not support payments on a traditional mortgage, interest rates had risen and in addition to this allowed this couple to enjoy their retirement. To ease the burden of interest payments and free up as much disposable income to use in their early years of retirement they wanted to consider the options available. These clients also had the dream of purchasing a motor home so they could enjoy travel with their dogs. The clients had no children, only siblings with nieces and nephews.



We met with the clients at their home and carried out our initial discovery meeting.

We looked for a loan of £86,000 which was equal to the balance of the outstanding mortgage and the amount they ideally wanted to allocate towards a motor home.

After completing research we discussed the options available and progressed with a Lifetime Mortgage solution with an interest rate payable of 7.1% per annum. The clients stated they were unlikely to make any overpayments but the loan allowed payments of up to 10% if the clients changed their mind.



By taking out a lifetime mortgage the clients were able to repay the balance of their interest-only mortgage, save the monthly payments and also purchase a motor home. They could then enjoy their early years of retirement whilst their health allowed it.

Equity Release Eligibility Criteria


The youngest applicant must be at least 55 years old.


Only one or two homeowners can take out equity release. 


You must own your property and it must be in reasonable condition.


Any outstanding mortgage on the property will need to be cleared at the same time as taking out the equity release plan.


Any family or dependents living in the property will normally be required to sign a waiver which confirms that they will not have a right to live in the property if you pass away or move into permanent residential care.

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Our Equity Release guide & video

If you would like to find out any further information regarding Equity Release, our experts have put together a complete guide to Equity Release which can be found on the right-hand side of your screen.

If you have any questions regarding Equity Release, please don’t hesitate to contact our advisers.

Watch our guide to equity release below

Check your eligibility

At Hawsons Wealth Management we offer all new clients a no-obligation-free initial meeting where we will discuss the following with you:

  • Gather personal data (confidentially).
  • Check your eligibility details, including those detailed above.
  • Discuss your options.

If you decide to continue with us after this meeting, our advisers will analyse your finances to identify if equity release is the best option for you.

If equity release is confirmed as the best option our advisers will complete independent research on the equity release lending market and advise the best lender for you based on your financial and personal situation.

Hawsons Chartered Accountants

Hawsons Wealth Management Limited works very closely with Hawsons Chartered Accountants, an independent firm of chartered accountants with a 170-year history. This partnership with enables us to provide all clients with a full range of accountancy, tax and financial planning services.

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