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Grant funding

Grant funding is a great way to get a project up and running and is widely available to businesses and individuals. As there is no interest to be paid and funds are generally non-returnable, grants are often referred to as the best source of funding. Grants are typically provided by the government and can come on a regional, national or international level. It is important you understand what types of grants are available and only apply to grants that are appropriate to your business.

Although there are many grant funding opportunities available, they can extremely difficult to obtain. It is therefore vital you consult with our Hawsons Corporate Finance team, who have extensive experience in submitting successful claims for grants. Our team know what funders are looking for and can identify the grants that your business should be applying for. We will also monitor the progress of a grant application and advise on any possible further grant opportunities for your business.

Over the past two years we have helped clients secure over £2m in grant funding. We have extensive experience in identifying opportunities for companies and submitting successful claims.

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