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Whether you are investing overseas, or are an overseas business investing in the UK, it is imperative your accountant is geared up to providing international services. The global marketplace is open for business and many businesses are taking advantage. However, with new opportunities come new challenges and it is vital your accountant has access to expertise throughout the world. The strength of a network is important, and this is where our membership of HLB International can help.

Through our HLB International network, our team can give you country-specific strategic business and taxation advice, supporting you in your international ventures, wherever in the world you do business.

Our international network allows us to support clients as they grow regionally and globally.

About HLB International

Hawsons is a member of HLB International, a fast-growing, dynamic network of independent accounting firms and business advisers. Through this network we can provide you with strategic, business and taxation advice relevant to the countries in which you are operating. HLB International is a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms. Through the power of 27,485 professionals across 153 countries, we combine local expertise and global capabilities to serve client needs. In Europe, we’re a top 10 ranked network. Learn more about us at


Find out more on the HLB International website.

Here is HLB international’s UK Doing Business In (DBI) Guide. 

Here is HLB international’s Survey of Business Leaders 2021

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Increasing businesses are trading internationally and this is an area we are working very-closely on with our clients. This may be simply buying or selling overseas, or establishing a permanent business presence in another country.

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