Central Government and Local Councils urged to increase funding levels to prevent job losses in the care sector

Care operators continue to feel the pinch as further National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage increases set to come into force from April 2020.

The increase in National Living Wage could mean that care home jobs would be lost and even worse care home closures or cutbacks that will ultimately affect the standard of care provision. Martin Green, the chief executive of Care England has said that the social care sector has seen major under funding and the government needs to invest into this sector. However, Boris Johnson has recently announced that solution to a social care crisis could take up to five years with a proposal being announced later this year.

Currently 1.4 million people are not getting the care they desperately need and care workers are reportedly being paid a median hourly wage of £8.10. At the current rate of the aging population England will need to employ 580,00 more social care workers by 2035. At this present moment there is around 122,000 job vacancies in England’s adult social care sector.

Prime Minster Boris Johnson has ensured that elderly people that need care will not have to sell their home in order to provide themselves care. He said “Now we have the majority we need; we are going to get on with this so people can get the care they need in their old age but don’t have to sell their home.”

The executive director of the National Care Forum, Vic Rayner has responded to the Prime Minister’s comments: “There is a consensus that our current social care system is in urgent need of reform. It is imperative that the government moves forward on this agenda. The time to act is now. Social care matters to us all.

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