Minimum wage: 200,000 workers underpaid

Oct 8, 2018
Author: Hawsons
minimum wage

200,000 workers who were paid less than the minimum wage have been identified following a record government clampdown

There was £15.6 million of underpayments identified for more than 200,000 workers which resulted in employers being fined an unprecedented £14 million for not meeting the legal obligations in regards to paying minimum wage.

Business minister Kelly Tolhurst, said: “We are dedicated to stopping underpayment of the minimum wage. Employers must recognise their responsibilities and pay their workers the money they are entitled to. The UK’s lowest paid workers have had the fastest wage growth in 20 years thanks to the National Living Wage and today’s figures serve as a reminder to all employers to check they are getting their working pay right”

The number of workers identified a underpaid was double that in 2016/17 and the highest since the National Minimum wage came into force. The government instructs employers to repay their workers and enforces the return of the missing cash

Penny Ciniewicz, HMRC Director General of Customer Compliance, said: “HMRC is committed to ensuring that workers receive the wages they are legally entitled to irrespective of their employer’s size or business sector, and today’s figures highlight our success over the last year”

Low Pay Commission Chairman Bryan Sanderson added: “All workers are entitled to be paid at least the minimum wage, so it is good to see and increased focus on enforcement bearing fruit and securing more arrears for more workers. Awareness of the minimum wage is vital for workers and employers alike, and strong enforcement is critical to its success.  

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