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Oct 21, 2022
Author: Dan Wood
Dan acts as a commercial partner for a wide range of clients. Dan specialises in advising businesses in the agriculture sector.
tax and financial reporting solutions

Tired of administrative tax and accounting burdens? By combining our in-house expertise Hawsons can provide businesses with an all-around tax and financial reporting service.

Hawsons are part of a global network of independent accountancy firms called HLB international. Being part of this network has enabled us to devise our tax and financial reporting solutions service. This service is particularly valuable to those businesses whose current provider has ethical restrictions and is unable to provide you with the help you need. Or maybe you are an extremely busy finance director struggling to find the time to meet your financial reporting targets. Either way, our service can help you overcome either of these problems.

Our tax and financial reporting service reduces the burden of handling your business finances. At Hawsons we understand that not all businesses are the same and we can provide you with a tailored service to meet your businesses individual needs now and in the future. The financial year end often results in a heavy workload, therefore outsourcing part of the work can help relieve the pressure and stress from your in-house team.

Below is an example of some of the services we can provide. To see a full list of services please visit our financial reporting page.

  • Preparing statutory financial statements
  • Corporation tax computations
  • Returns and submissions and other advisory services
  • VAT services

We can also identify and help claim for any tax incentives that may apply to your business for example:

  • R&D Tax Relief
  • Patent Box
  • Employee Share Schemes

Our experts can manage these for you and help identify other opportunities for cash savings.

We provide all of our services under one roof, beginning with arranging a free initial meeting to get to know you so we can provide a tailored service.

Free initial meeting

Dan Wood

Partner, Doncaster


Aaron Hemmington

Tax Partner, Northampton


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