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Tax Director, Aaron Hemmington discusses Research and Development Tax Relief in his first Innovation and Finance Seminar. In this forum, Aaron provides a detailed outline of the Research and Development Tax Relief. We also have special guest speakers from the Rocking Horse Group. 

In this seminar our guest speaker Jonty Warneken will be discussing his journey and his battle with adversity after a horrific car accident in his early life. Before providing his expert insight into socially responsible investing.

Partner, Paul Wormald, discusses the big changes ahead for small company accounts. For many years, small companies have been able to limit the amount of information held about them on the public record at Companies House, but this is all set to change in the new year. With such big changes in the pipeline it is vital you speak to our specialist small business accountants. For more information please visit our small business page.
Partner, Chris Hill, talks about Hawsons’ manufacturing expertise and looks at the challenges and opportunities for UK manufacturers in this short video. Manufacturing remains one of the key sectors in the UK and we are seeing a vast array of challenges and opportunities for our manufacturing clients, including 3D printing, R&D tax reliefs, the patent box, the shortage of highly skilled workers and the supply chain. For more information, please visit our manufacturing page.
Tax Partner, Stephen Charles, looks at the generous R&D tax relief available to small and large businesses. Research & Development (R&D) tax reliefs are HMRC incentives created to encourage innovation and technological advances in the UK. R&D tax relief is a widely available, but often overlooked tax relief. Find out more here.
Legal Partner, Simon Bladen, discusses the big changes to SRA Accounts Rules. Following a consultation period, which ran between May and June last year, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) announced, in September 2014, that a three-stage process regarding the proposed new changes to the SRA Accounts Rules would be phased in. For more information, please visit our solicitors page.
Director of IT Services, Charles Kavazy, discusses the importance of cyber security for organisations dealing with personal and confidential data. How can you mitigate your risks of a breach? For more information, please visit our cyber security page.
Partner, Simon Bladen, discusses the staggering cost of fraud in charities and introduces a few preventative measures in which charities can implement. For more information please visit our charities page.
Partner, Paul Wormald, looks at how cloud accounting can benefit small businesses. What is cloud accounting? What new working practices does it bring? For more information please visit our cloud accounting page.
Partner, Chris Hill, discusses FRS 102 and how the new standard may impact business – are you ready for FRS 102? For more information please visit our FRS 102 Centre.