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Performance benchmarking
All care home managers and owners ought to know how their business is performing against its competitors.

We recognise that each care home is different and that specific challenges can vary from region to region, but an analysis of financial and non-financial indicators against the competition, including payroll costs and occupancy levels, can help highlight areas of concern or opportunities and, of course, highlight where your home is performing well.

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National Living Wage
The impact of the National Living Wage on care services cannot be understated…with wages being the largest cost facing operators, averaging around 60% of expenditure, has just significantly increased and done so without much notice. How can care homes can prepare for the National Living Wage?

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Energy efficiency
Healthcare is one of the UK’s most energy intensive sectors and the opportunities for care home operators to achieve reduced running costs by becoming more energy efficiency are considerable. There are also some generous tax-savings available to care homes investing in energy efficiency.

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On 23rd June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union. From the argument over selling bendy bananas to the threat of an emergency Budget, the EU referendum campaign has undoubtedly had its share of the headlines over the past couple of months. The biggest headline now though is of course that the UK has voted to leave the EU.

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Are we ready to embrace technology in care homes?
The number of care homes embracing technology to improve the quality of life for residents, attract new private clients or reduce administrative burdens on staff is growing.

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