The graduate role

The graduate role

The training

Training to become a chartered accountant is challenging, demanding but ultimately very rewarding. For both Hawsons and you, your training is a major investment for the future.

Practical experience

With a diverse range of clients and client services, we are able to ensure that you will receive a comprehensive and varied grounding in practical work. Wherever possible you will be introduced to other aspects of the firm’s specialist work including corporate finance, IT and business advice. Throughout your training you will be working closely with more senior colleagues and you will learn from them. You will be given increasing responsibility as soon as we feel you can cope with this and within your second year you can expect to take senior responsibility on assignments.

Institute examinations

Tuition for the Institute exams is provided externally by leading accountancy tutors who consistently achieve pass rates higher than the national average. Passing the Institute exams is dependent on your hard work and commitment but we closely monitor your progress and ensure that the right balance is kept between client work and time for study.

In-house courses

You will receive eight weeks of in-house training during your training contract. Five weeks will be provided by Mercia Group, an external tutor specialising in training Chartered Accountants and the other three weeks are provided internally. These courses cover management and communication skills as well as practical aspects of auditing, accounting and taxation.

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