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Employee benefits advice and guidance

We provide specialist employee benefits advice in Sheffield, Doncaster and Northampton.

Recruiting, motivating and retaining key members of staff is a big challenge for many businesses, and this is where an effective and carefully planned employee benefits package can help.

Research continues to find that, on average, when staff members value their employee benefits the performance of the business improves and staff turnover falls. This is particularly important for businesses who operate in sectors where there is usually a high staff turnover (e.g. retail and hospitality) and where there is a shortage of highly skilled and qualified workers (e.g. manufacturing, engineering and healthcare).

An employee benefit package can be made up of a number of different staff remuneration options, such as private pensions, life insurance, tax efficient bonuses and productivity and output related schemes. This is why any employee benefits packages require careful and considered planning, taking into account the individual circumstances of the business and the type of staff who are employed e.g. a legal practice is likely to require a different employee benefits balance than a retail business.

Employee benefits – how we can help

If you are considering any employee benefits packages, we recommend that you take the right advice early on.

We are employee benefits experts and have a great deal of experience in this area, providing employee benefits advice that is tailored and carefully planned to a number of different sized organisations, across varying sectors.

Our employee benefit experts can assist with a number of employee benefits, including:

  • Workplace pensions and auto enrolment
  • Death in service schemes
  • Cycle to work schemes
  • Private medical and dental insurance
  • Childcare voucher schemes
  • Critical illness schemes

Above are just some of the various employment benefit options available.

Review your current employee benefit schemes

If you already use employee benefit packages, you should review these as soon as possible/

We would be happy to help, so please get in touch.

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