Majority of vet consultation can be carried out remotely

Jun 10, 2021
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Online vet consultations

Recent research carried out by app-based veterinary service Joii has found that 80% of vet consultations could be conducted online. During the pandemic, Joii found that in most cases online vet consultations did not need a physical follow-up appointment. It is important to note that the research conducted is based on 38,449 remote veterinary consultations that the app dealt with over the course of the pandemic, but it does highlight a trend change in the sector of what is potentially to come in future years.

Remote prescriptions

One of the main reasons why such a high percentage of vet appointments can be conducted virtually is because from April 2020 vets were permitted to prescribe animals with medication without a physical examination. All prescriptions that are prescribed through a virtual consultation are overseen by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Additional care

Further research from the app found that only 33% of remote consultations required follow-up care. An additional 25% were offered a form of product with half of these requiring prescribed medications, resulting in 5,405 prescribed medications being provided remotely through the app.

Additional benefits

Remote veterinary consultations have become more widely used during the pandemic in order to reduce the physical transmission of COVID-19. However, remote veterinary consultations have additional benefits to both pet owners and vets, being:

Reduced pet anxiety

Pets can often find it very stressful at veterinary practices as it is a new environment, they are not comfortable with. However, with an online consultation pets can be seen by vets in the comfort of their own home. Therefore, you are not taking your pet outside a comfortable environment when there may be nothing to worry about. This makes it easier for the vet to diagnose any issues as the animal will be more relaxed.

Time and cost-effective

Virtual vet appointments are more time and cost-effective for vets and pet owners. In normal circumstances visiting veterinary surgery will often cost you more money. Furthermore, you will be spending more time traveling to your veterinary surgery with the added stress of making it in time for your appointment. Therefore, vets will no longer need to spend time traveling to pet owner’s homes for those who are unable to bring their pet to the surgery. This will create more time for vets to see other pets.

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