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Care performance benchmarking

Care home performance benchmarking

All care home managers and owners ought to know how their business is performing against its competitors.

We recognise that each care home is different and that specific challenges can vary from region to region, but an analysis of financial and non-financial indicators against the competition, including payroll costs and occupancy levels, can help highlight areas of concern or opportunities and, of course, highlight where your home is performing well.

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Financial benchmarking 

As the financial results of the care home will almost certainly impact on fundamental operational decisions, financial benchmarking should be a particularly important focus for any care home owner and manager. The recent changes to the inspection criteria, enabling CQC to enquire into an operators’ financial information and carryout financial inspections, puts further pressure on operators to consider the financial viability, position and sustainability of their homes. Average weekly fees, payroll costs, non-payroll costs (utility and food costs) and profit margins (EBITDAR) are a key focus here.

Non-financial benchmarking

As occupancy levels, local reputation and the findings of a CQC inspection will also have a significant impact on the operations and performance of a care home, the non-financial benchmarking findings are equally important to any care home owner and manager.

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